Energetic Upbeat Percussive Action Stomps and Claps (Alt. 2 No Shouts)





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Energetic Upbeat Percussive Action Stomps and Claps

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Exciting, energetic and upbeat percussive clap and stomp music track with an urban vibe. Ideal for advertising, typography videos, vlogs, corporate videos, action videos, sports videos, teaser, business, presentations, promos, events, and more.

Download includes: Uncompressed 44,1 kHz WAV, 320 kbit/s MP3 and your license agreement.

BPM: 124

Composer: Sean Cole (BMI IPI  841318551)

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75 different versions, loops and stings available to easily tailor it to your production. Contact us for custom work.

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Available versions (each with and w/o shouts)

Full Version:
Alt 1: Less percussion in chorus 1
Alt 2: Less perc. in chorus 1 and 2

Alt 1: No riser
Alt 2: No percussion
Alt 3: No percussion, No riser

V3, 4, 5, 6, 7:
Alt 1: No riser
Alt 2 Less perc.
Alt 3 Less perc, no riser
Alt 4: No perc
Alt 5: No perc, No riser


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