Energetic Upbeat Percussive Action Stomps and Claps

Energetic upbeat percussive clap and stomp background music by Elysium Audio Labs. Ideal for commercials, sports and action content, teaser, promos, kinetic typography videos, vlogs and more.

75 different versions and loops available to easily tailor it to your production.


Variations and Edits

Each version available with and without shouts.

Full Version:
Alt 1: Less percussion in chorus 1
Alt 2: Less perc. in chorus 1 and 2

Alt 1: No riser
Alt 2: No percussion
Alt 3: No percussion, No riser

V3, 4, 5, 6, 7:
Alt 1: No riser
Alt 2 Less perc.
Alt 3 Less perc, no riser
Alt 4: No perc
Alt 5: No perc, No riser

We don’t show every single version here, please contact us if a version you need is not listed below.

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